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Terminal18 is an "immersive search engine" dedicated to adult entertainment

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What is terminal18 metaverse ?

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A virtual city dedicated to b2c

A new world of possibilities where imagination can actually run wild and transport the viewer to a world of dreams.
This metaverse is all about connecting people through digital space.

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Accessible through
VR or web browser

An immersive 3D space that you can explore on smartphone, laptop or VR headset.
Connect with friends, fans and communities worldwide in a visually stunning world.

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using web3 technology

Web 3.0 refers to the third evolution of web technologies and encompasses the decentralized applications that run on blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (“NFT”) and cryptocurrencies.

who is it for ?

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adult Company


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content creator


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how does it work ?

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customize you virtual shop

Customize your virtual shop in order to create your activity (Marketplace, live cam, video-sharing, sex shop, cinema, ...

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your content

Upload all types of content
( 3D accessories, pictures, 2D videos, 180°, 360°, ..)

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your content

Choose a price & payment method for your content (Subscription, fixed price, rent fee, ...) and start making money !

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