Produce & Monetize
your own 360°/ vr content.

Become a visionnary producer and make money by uploading your own VR, 360°, 180° content.

Become Partner

Manage your virtual store into the first 3D city dedicated to adult entertainment.

We offer independent creator the opportunity  to create their own 3D Gallery into terminal18 metaverse.

This is the most innovative ways to distribute your content.

We support you from training in new technologies to the production of 360° digital content
to Post production.

Once the content is uploaded, content creators can further monetize their assets on Terminal18 by selling them, renting them or monetize them using an ad-based model.

We offer you an

Focus on your content and we take care of the rest !
Become more competitive with an inovative type of content.

Post your 360° content on our 3D Plateform
Make you content accessible from VR headset
We manage mastering & editing of your content
Be paid by crypto-currency or fiat (€/$)


1st Step: Get a Camera

Vuze XR

180° - Stereo - 5K - 30fps

Buy it from Vuze here


coming soon

Not available yet

Insta 360

180° - Stereo - 5K - 30fps

Buy it from Insta 360 here

2nd Step: Become your own producer

Get ready

It’s important to shoot from a static position using a tripod or gimbal (very slowly moving the camera), otherwise people might feel nauseous.

Edit content

Stitch your videos into a normal clip(most cameras have out-of-the-box software so you just need to do much, just a couple of clicks).
Use your favorite editing software to cut and edit the scene.

upload it

Upload your videos to Termainal 18.
Our editors will choose suitable tags, upload the right info and prepare it for release.

common asked questions

What’s required to start?

Send us your VR file in the highest resolution and bitrate, the name of the model and a title.
We’ll take care of the rest.
We can also provide post-production service upon request. Please get in touch via

How much can I earn?

The sky is the limit😀
We will manage thousands of sales every day, and VR content in general converts extremely well.
There is potential for a lot of money to be made.

How will I be Paid?

No more problem with bank transfert or even taxes !
We will send your benefits in cryptocurrency, € or $.


Feel free to ask to Alita, our AI Assistant or contact us !
Here is the link to
our frequently asked questions.