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Terminal18 is an "immersive search engine"
dedicated to adult entertainement

Provide a safe and secure platform for adult content creators and users to interact with each other. It would allow brands to create immersive experiences for their customers, while also providing a platform for creators to monetize their content.

For users, it would provide an opportunity to explore and discover new content in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, it could help reduce the stigma associated with adult content by providing an open and accepting space for all types of users.


Q1 2022
☑ Founders team
☑ Brainstorming
☑ Market studies
☑ Website launch V1
☑ Project launch
Q2 2022
☑ Design smart contract interactions
☑ Build front-end/back-end
☑ Generate 2D map
☑ Design 3D city
Q3 2022
☑ Deliver Alpha VR application ".apk"
☑ Meeting sponsors, partners and creators
Community building
☑ Create land templates (villa, building, shop,...)
Q4 2022
☑ Deliver mobile app.
☑ Deliver Alpha version ".exe" + API
☑ Smart contract validation
Build NFT marketplace
Activate marketing Campain
Social network & Giveaways
Q1 2023
☑ Release Online Alpha version WEBGL
↳ Only accessible for seed & early investor
Build NFT marketplace
☑ Partner integration
Q2 2023
Launching NFT18 Ad-Agency
... 2023
Release Online Alpha version WEBVR
↳ Only accessible for investor
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Our core team

nicolas d.

Metaverse Director

hugo R.


Alex t.

Full stack Dev.

noe c.


ambassador & partner


Content Creator




Content Creator


Content production


Early partner
Content production


They talk about us


"This virtual world is nothing less than an immersive search engine in the form of a 3D virtual city."

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Le journal du hard (canal+)

"Notre interview avec le Journal Du Hard au Venus Berlin Festival a été diffusée sur Canal+ !"

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"We believe that something like this will explode within a few years and the future is close"

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"three ambitious young French entrepreneurs has begun to stake a claim for control of the adult metaverse"

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"This virtual world is nothing less than an immersive search engine in the form of a 3D virtual city."

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"Calling their project ‘Terminal18’, they intend to establish a metaverse for the adult industry"

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we are building the first metaverse dedicated to
adult entertainment

Our metaverse is modelized as a 3D city , divided into 4 zones, subdivided into plots.

Each plot corresponds to a unique NFT that can be own by companies, content creator or investor which allows them to:
-Create their activity (sex shop, villa, cinema, lap dance hall, ...)
-Personalize their virtual environment in order to offer all types of content (accessories, photos, 2D videos, 180°, 360°, ..)
Monetize FT

We are Identifying and integrate all the NFT, VR and 360° porn content and brands into one metaverse.

This will allow users to access a universe dedicated to this immersive and specific category that is VR / 360°

To Revolutionize the consumption of pornographic content, we could have simply built a website referencing all WEB XR & Porn NFT sites and 360° content.
But we prefered offers our users an unprecedented WEBVR interface dedicated to XR and 3D porn content, in virtual reality.

And this to ensure continuity of immersion of user experience!

From research, to consumption and discovery, the user will be able to navigate the streets of TERMINAL18 and access various exclusive content managed by the community of creators, partners and sponsors.

We have created an infinite world where all pleasures are allowed.

Any user can own, consume or distribute adult content (NFT, Photos, videos, games, etc.).
In terms of daily social and entertainment, no obligation to consume or spend money.
Users can simply walk around the HUB and access sponsored content.
The Hub is visually defined by a city where you can visit an infinite number of buildings, houses, etc. in order to discover the secrets they hold:
Cinema X, library, social club, partner site, you can trigger random chats and flirting with others.

Users who were previously trapped in browsing on a single website will have access to a multitude of specific content in one virtual world.
Our mission is to create the largest ecosystem and community:
All users, no matter creators, advertisers, or consumers, can get rewarded while taking the natural pleasure of sex and running the regulated virtual business for it.

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