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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to your feedback and questions

Do I need a VR headset to access the Terminal18 Metaverse?

The Terminal18 metaverse and all content (video, photo, video 360, ...) are accessible through a simple web browser or through a virtual reality headset.A mobile version is in the pipeline and could see the light of day soon.

What are the supported devices ?

-Headsets : Pico 4, Oculus Rift / Quest 1 & 2 & Pro, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive
(even in standalone mode)

We are working on the integration of oculus Go and smartphone

How much does it cost to use Terminal18?

The virtual city of Terminal18 is accessible free of charge.Land owners will choose how they manage the access to their content (free, subscription, rent, …)

What's the roadmap?

We have successfully delivered our entire 2022>Q2 2023 roadmap and we will soon publish the program for the rest of 2023 and 2024.Stay tuned 

What makes T18 different from other metaverses?

1/ A team of 3 co-founders passionate about tech.
2/ A clear road map
3/ A functional solution
4/ Specialized in adult entertainment
5/ Accessible through a simple URL
6/ We are not selling dreams and marketing. We are just sharing our work, skills and vision for the next ten years.

Who's in Terminal 18?

Terminal 18 is open to everyone except minors.

Professionals or individual like:
-End users
-Content creators

How do I find a specific store?

For now, you will need to know your neighborhood !
But we are working on a search engine to optimize the user experience and quickly join your favorite land.
We have already integrated a "GPS map" and we are going to add additional functionalities to it (available on desktop browser and soon in VR mode).

Would it be possible to create bus stops in order to travel instantly in the metaverse?

We have integrated the first bus stops for teleportation inside the zone 1 at the launch of the Metaverse and we will soon add more to navigate the whole city more easily.

Do you plan to use street furniture to advertise for advertisers/sponsors?

Yes, brands or content creators can promote their activity via the T18 advertising agency.

Advertisers and sponsors or partners can advertise their activity/content on different media such as bus stops, totems and large billboards...

Will there be avatars and skins for our characters in your metaverse? What about multiplayer mode ?

We are prioritizing other features such as content monetization before starting to work on the multiplayer mode but it is definitely in the pipeline !

Users will get to choose between private and multiplayer mode when starting the application and will be able to easily switch between the two modes.

Once it is available, avatars will be progressively more and more customizable.

Will there be music in the streets (after sex music, rap...)?

We integrated this functionality at the beginning of the week.
An artist is currently working on the creation of music specially designed for terminal18.
Music inside Land buildings will be customizable by the owners.

Who can buy a land?

Anyone can own a virtual space in terminal18.

-Content creators
-Web3 investors
-Sex toys Creators
- …

How to buy a land?

You can buy a virtual space using ETH directly on our marketplace or via a secondary market like Opensea or rarible…

Here is the link to our marketplace : https://land.terminal18.org

Please find a quick tutorial link below:https://youtu.be/qEIxYHHPBpc

Which wallets can be used on the marketplace?

Metamask for now, and we are working to support more wallets.

What do I own after buying a land NFT? Do I own the default building?

When you become the owner of a land T18, you obtain a deed of ownership for one or
more plots of 100m².
You keep the ownership of the content you post within your land.

This ownership gives you access to free building templates and objects to customize your Land, and if you want something more personalized 

Can I build my own virtual building?

A custom building can be installed on one or more adjacent Lands.

Land owners will always have access to free building templates and objects to customize their Lands, as well as the access to a building tool to customize their Land.

If you need something more personalized, Terminal 18 offers custom 3D modeling service through its 3D Studio.
Our goal is to answer specific requests from our partners.
(see VRBangers building)

How do I customize my land?

To customize a land, you need to own it, then you can use our management back-office available at the following link : https://land.terminal18.org

For now, you have two choices, choose one of the free templates provided by T18 or request a complete customization from Terminal18 3D Studio.
In the future, we will provide a tool allowing you to fully customize the exterior and interior of your building.

The back-office also allows you to manage your media : upload, edit, monetize and how to display it in your Land.

We will soon provide video tutorials for all the management parts.

What kind of content can be used in Terminal 18 ?

Any kind of contents as long as it stay legal :
-Videos 180/360°
-3D models

How can I monetize my content?

We are working on the monetization feature and hope to deliver it as soon as possible.

Owners will thus be able to choose between different monetization methods (subscription, single purchase, ticket/badge at the entrance, etc.)

This feature will be accessible from the back office management section.

Owners will choose how they want to monetize their content, either in Crypto-currency or FIAT, facilitating user adoption and experience.

What is currently supported for videos/pictures (format, size, 180/360°) ?

The current file size limit is 2Go and as for the supported formats:
-Video : avi / mp4 / TBD (webm ? mov ? gif ? A TESTER)
-Image : jpg / png

Videos can be in 180/360° format.

Is media hosting free ?

For now it is, and we will always keep a free hosting plan (with some limitations) but we will introduce in the future several paid hosting plans from which you will choose depending on your use cases.

Are uploaded contents vetted?

 The content is checked manually at the moment but we will also integrate AI to improve content betting.
A KYC will also be integrated into the back office for land owners who wish to publish content.

Will it be possible to do a livestream ?

Yes, livestream as content is in our roadmap !

Can I share links to my other networks/platforms?

A social board feature is in the work !If you own or rent virtual space in terminal18, you will be able to redirect traffic from your land to your other networks and platforms. Reverse is also possible :)You will be able to manage links redirection from your land back office management.Your links will be displayed on a social board placed next to the exit door of your land.

Will there be street names?

In the future, yes! 
We still have to decide how they will be named and we will ask the community about it when the time comes.

Could it be possible to tag my favorite lands?

Yes, it will be possible in the future, it will allow you to navigate quickly to your favorite lands.

How do you ensure recurring income for the company?

We have several income streams:1/ A commission on transactions made in the metaverse (15 to 25%)2/ The T18 3D studio (Land customization)3/ The T18 advertising agency4/ Subscription and T18 Infrastructure (livecam, VR cinema, ...)5/ Goodies Shop

Do you have a partner in charge of communication/Marketing/Growth?

No, we have not made any paid communication at this stage.

We prioritized tech over marketing.

However, we are in discussions with growth marketing agencies, partner projects and influencers that will allow us to obtain more visibility when the time comes.

Is navigation in terminal18 anonymous?

Yes, your personal identity is anonymous.

Are the transactions anonymous?

The transactions in FIAT are not anonymous because the banking system imposes it to be nominative.

All cryptocurrency transactions are simply linked to an anonymous wallet address so if you want to remain anonymous, you will have the crypto-currency option available.